Scholarly Teaching Growth Survey

The dimensions and levels of scholarly teaching are captured in this online self-assessment tool, based on the Scholarly Teaching Taxonomy, that encourages you to explore your current practices and consider future directions. The survey is typically completed in 15-20 minutes. You can take it as many times as you wish over the course of your professional career.


The purpose of the Scholarly Teaching Growth Survey is to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your current teaching practices, locate yourself on the taxonomy, and map next steps in your development as a scholarly teacher.


As you complete the Scholarly Teaching Growth Survey, you will engage in the following actions:

  1. DIMENSIONS – Reflect on your current practices in each dimension of scholarly teaching.
    1. Evidence-Based Practice
    2. Reflective Practice
    3. Curricular / Course Design
    4. Ethics and Responsibility
    5. Subject-Matter Expertise and Pedagogical Knowledge
  2. LEVELS – Indicate your current location on the taxonomy by clicking on one of the following shapes for each dimension:
    1. Arrows – indicate emerging practice, pre-Level 1
    2. Rectangles – indicate established practice at Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3
    3. Diamonds – indicate bridge between two levels
  3. EXAMPLES – Describe a specific practice for each dimension at the level you indicate. Upon completion of the survey, you will have provided a total of 5 examples.
  4. FUTURE DIRECTIONS – Repeat Step 2 with a focus on next steps or directions of growth in one or more dimensions. Examples not required for this step.